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Japanese traditional
home cooking

Demonstration and hands on activities will teach you how to cook Japanese cuisine easily.

Experience to feel the profundity of Japanese cuisine

Not only from taste but from the eyes, you can enjoy beautiful dishes, traditional Japanese plates!

Experience to feel the profundity of Japanese cuisineTemari Sushi.jpg
Sake tasting experience with sake sommelier

Sake tasting experience with sake sommelier

You can choose sake tasting course as an optional course and you can enjoy and learn about sake! (Of course, even if not as an optional course, we serve sake in extra charge and you can enjoy sake with Japanese dishes.)

Homely and friendly atmosphere

I provide cooking classes, not at the cooking studio but at my house, that's why you can feel as if you are at your friend's house. Please make yourself at home!

Homely and friendly atmosphere.JPG
Miyuki Kitamura

Miyuki Kitamura 

is a culinary professional and a host of cooking school.

She offers recipes to events, website article and a cooking cartoon.

Summary of Qualifications:

– Certified Food Cordinator
– Certified Vegetable Junior sommelier
– Certified Tofu Meister

– Kikisake-Shi (a kind of sake sommelier)

Message from Miyuki
If you are interested in Japanese food and Japanese culture, why don't you join our cooking class? Let’s learn Japanese home style cooking in a very friendly atmosphere with me!

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