Booking to this cooking class

※If there is empty frames on the booking calendar, I may arrange my lesson schedule, so please e-mail us :) 

※If there is no one booked yet, you may choose your preferred course, please e-mail us :) 

steps to book your seat

① Click the date you would like to join.

how to booking this class

② Write your infomation and choose the number of participants. 

how to booking this class

③ You have to write the "Name of Course" you would like to join.If you require the optional course, write down the "Name of Course". 

(If you would like to join sake tasting course, write down "sake tasting")

④ Then, You will receive the email from "Beautiful Washoku Cooking".The from contains all the info you need such as when and where to visit, what to bring. If you don't receive the one from Beautiful Washoku Cooking, please contact us.​

Cancellation policy

1 week prior to the booked date : full refund

6 days to 3 days prior to the booked date  : 50% refund

2 days prior to the booked date  : no refund

no show  : no refund