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Okonomiyaki and Chicken Teriyaki Course! (Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo)

Hi :) Today, we had 6 guests from Israel and we had a Chicken Teriyaki course (and we had Okonomiyaki as optional).

(The guests and me and my assistant)

We made "Japanese rolled omelet"!! Everyone challenged making Japanese rolled omelet.

And Using Green Beans ...we made "Green beans dressed in sesame seeds."

Chicken Teriyaki as main dish and after making "Dashi"Japanese soup stock, we made miso soup :)

This is their request "OKONOMIYAKI"!(Savory Japanese Pancake)

It's really fun to draw beautiful patterns on the surface of Okonomiyaki :)!!

(Vegetarian Okonomiyaki)

After having dinner, they enjoyed Japanese Green tea(Norlmally we have Mactha green tea) and Japanese Sweets.

We had really good time with nice guests :) Thank you for joining our cooking class and hope we can see again in some day!!

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