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Sushi Course (Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo)

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Sushi(Temari Sushi) cooking class with the guests, Emilia from Sweden and Michael and Sivan from Israel🍳

First challenge to make Japaese rolled omelet!! :)

Serious sushi-chefs!! :)  making Temari Sushi :)

Sushi- chef look like fashion-model! :)!!

They made beautiful Temarisushi :)✨

Now it's all done :)!!

This is "Oshibori" or hot towel in English, a hand towel offered to customers and used to clean one's hands before eating. I putted autumn flower with Osibori. Isn't it beautiful?

We can feel autumn with this performance.

In Japan, there are Seven representative flowers of autumn as opposed to the Seven Herbs in Spring which are edible wild herbs of spring.

The Seven Flowers Autumn provide visual enjoyment.

I putted 2 flowers from Seven representative flowers of autumn,Hagi (Bush Clover) and Obana(Japanese Pampas Grass).

Like these things, we think a great deal of "seasons" in Japanese cuisine.

I think one of the big difference from other foreign cuisines are "seasons" in the dishes.

We often present each seasons in dishes that sets off the food it contains, often garnished with a seasonal leaf or flower.

Not only garnish, we often present the season on the table.

For example, this table coordinate, is early summer... the seasonal flowers and Bamboo basket for flowers.

This table coordinate is March...

This is a table coordinate for Doll Festival and I used early spring flowers.

(In Japan, March 3rd is the date of the seasonal festival "Hinamatsuri" (the Doll Festival or Girl's Festival), a traditional custom in which hina dolls are placed on display in homes to pray for the sound and healthy growth of young girls.)

Hope the guests could feel early Japanese autumn in our japanese cooking school.

Thank you for joining and we'll welcome you at any time!!

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