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Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

This festival is held every year on the last Saturday of July at Sumida River area (Asakusa area). This festival is one of the largest and most famous fireworks festival in Tokyo. If you're lucky, you might be able to watch the fireworks.

Because it's so famous and popular, massive people come to see this fireworks every year. You can see most of them wearing Yukata, a Japanese traditional garment, a casual summer kimono.

This year, I watched from rooftop of my apartment.

It was sooo huge and sooo many fireworks(20,000 fireworks!!!) and it was so beautiful. (actually, it's so close that it's big sound! haha)

The show can be watched from many points around the Asakusa/Sky Tree area, but be aware it's so crowded with many tourists(both Japanese and non-Japanese). but if you are careful about some points below, this will be highlight for your trip in Tokyo!

Points to note:

  1. Transportation around festivals can be a challenge.  If you are riding the train, make sure you can use Suica or Pasmo ( IC card) and it is charged, because there are long line at the ticket machines, people who want to charge or buy the ticket.

  2. Get there early if you want to watch fireworks from good spot, maybe 3 hours ahead of time.

  3. Bring your own food and drink beforehand, because if you want them at "yatai" or food stalls and convenience stores, you have to be in long long long line. (I think it's fun to get the food of yatai, but you have to stand in line...)

  4. Go to the bathroom before you come there, because you have to be in long line to use bathrooms, for example convenience store's one... it's really tough...haha

Information about Sumida River Fireworks Festival

  • 20,000 fireworks

  • Day: the last Saturday of July (cancelled in case of rain)

  • Time: 7:05 PM – 8:30 PM

  • Location: Asakusa districts of the Sumida River

    • Acsess:(Asakusa Station/Toei Asakusa Line,Ginza Line,Tsukuba Express, Kuramae Station / Toei Oedo Line,Toei Asakusa Line)

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