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Sushi Lesson(Japanese Cooking in Tokyo)

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Today, we had beautiful guests(mother and daughter) from Israel :)

Making Japanese rolled Omelet :)

OMG! "It seems broken!!!!!! lol

They learned how to wash the rice in the right way for making sushi rice:)

Making Temari Sushi is always a kind of art class xD!!

Always guest gets serious to design beautiful Temari sushi :)!

Meal time!!

Kanpai(cheers in Japanese) with Shochu(the national spirit of Japan) !!

After dinner, we talked a lot about both countries, Japan and Israel :) It's always really interesting to know about different culture and the way of thinking.

And we talked about where we recommend to see for sightseeing in Japan.

(The guests and my assistant Luna and me)

Thank you for joining our Japanese cooking class!!

We had a great time and hope we can see again in some day in Israel!! (I really want to visit Israel!!)

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